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Battambang’s dining and drinking scene is modest but interesting and varied, with good inexpensive local dining at places like White Rose and Chinese Noodle Dumpling, several places serving proper international fare such as Green Mango, Riverside Balcony and Eden, and some more unique offerings, especially in the Walking District area, such as Choco l’Art, Bar Libations and Vintage.

The picturesque Walking District is of special note. The area of just a few square blocks harbors more than a dozen cafes and bars as well as a few shops and galleries in classic colonial era buildings, especially between Street 121 (‘Pub Street’) and the market along Streets 1.5, 2 and 2.5.

The ‘Night Market’ on the riverfront in front of Phsar Nath is a great place to try local foods. The stands and cafes are geared for the locals but are foreigner friendly, and very inexpensive. Noodle dishes, soups, pate sandwiches, fried meats, Cambodian fruit shakes and more. There is a similar evening cluster of food stands near the Provincial Museum.

Come early evening, there is a pretty good choice of places for sundowners. Riverside BalconyBar Libations, Lotus Gallery and Bar, Madison Corner and Here There Be Dragons are all good places to begin. Battambang shuts down fairly early, with Madison Corner often the last bar in the Walking District to shut its doors at night.



Modern, fully air-conditioned restaurant on the riverfront serving a substantial selection of western favorites from burgers and ribs to pizzas,…
Delicious Restaurant & Bar

Delicious Restaurant & Bar

Big open place on Pub Street with covered indoor seating nd breezy sidewalk tables as well. A couple of doors…
Choco l'Art Cafe

Choco L’Art

Relaxing little cafe with an artsy ambiance and a nice airy roadside deck shaded by plants as well as cushioned…
Chinese Noodle Dumpling, Battambang, Cambodia

Chinese Noodle Dumpling

Maybe the best dining in town. If you like noodles, this is the place to go. A small, local restaurant…
HOC Cafe, Battambang, Cambodia

Cafe HOC

NGO-based restaurant offering value priced “Bio Asian Fusion Cuisine” with a strong Japanese influence. Many of the veggies and herbs…
Bric A Brac Restaurant, Battambang, Cambodia


Sophisticated alfresco imbibing at Bric-à-Brac. Lovely tapas, including paté, rillettes and gourmet cheese platter. Great people watching from the sidewalk…