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Battambang City is full of wonderful colonial-era and pre-colonial architecture as well as some very old and historic pagodas. And with the continuing development of Battambang’s contemporary art scene, a walking district of sorts has developed amongst the picturesque streets and lanes just south of the market, harboring chic little art spaces and cafes.

Away from the city, the surrounding countryside harbors not only Angkorian-era ruins and historic pagodas but also offers some of the most picturesque rice paddy and village scenery in the country. The road trip out to the pagoda and Angkorian-era ruins at Ek Phnom is stunning. Last but not least, the famous Bamboo Train of Battambang is still running, sort of, transporting more tourists than locals these day.

Provincial Museum, Battambang

Provincial Museum

The Battambang Provincial Museum on the riverfront in the center of town houses a large collection of Angkorian and pre-Angkorian…
Old pagodas in Battambang


Battambang town and the surrounding countryside are rich with beautiful old pagodas, some of them hundreds of years old, highly…
Countryside Tour

Countryside Tour

The rural countryside outside of Battambang is National Geographic picturesque. Within just a few kilometers of town the countryside turns…
Cooking Classes, Battambang

Cooking Classes

Cambodian restaurant Nary Kitchen offers morning and evening cooking classes every day. Classes are conducted by Mrs. Nary and her…
Phare Circus


The Phare Ponleu Selpak NGO gives Cambo-dian children from disadvantaged families the opportunity to “access culture via different artistic activities”…
Phnom Sompeu Battambang, Cambodia

Phnom Sampeou

Phnom Sampeou is a mountain steeped in legend, topped by Wat Sampeou and a group of caves used as ‘killing…
Phnom Banan Battambang, Cambodia

Phnom Banan

Phnom Banan Phnom Banan is a mountaintop, mid-11th century Angkorian-era ruin consisting of five prasats (towers) arranged in the quincunx…
Wat Ek Phnom, Battambang, Cambodia

Ek Phnom

Ek Phnom, about 45 minutes from Battambang, is an substantial early-11th century Angkorian-era temple ruin built as a Hindu temple under…
Bamboo Train Battambang, Cambodia

Bamboo Train

The bamboo train is a unique and creative form of ad-hoc transportation. It consists of a small motorcycle engine-powered bamboo…